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Wedding Photography Class

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

I recently started to advertise wedding photography classes. Having gained a huge amount of knowledge since 2015 I know how challenging it can be starting out. I therefore decided to make myself available to budding wedding photographers to pick my brains and borrow from my experience to help them on their way.

The class is a discussion and uses real wedding photographs as examples and is 100% driven by the 'student's' needs. I will also critique their photos which I believe is an essential element to being able to progress; whilst it can be painful at times it is without doubt what drives your development.

To this day I still learn from every wedding I attend and this should always be the case, if not then I'd be standing still and not improving.

Wedding photographer
Getting ready shot - In the moment

If you'd like to discuss booking a class then please send me an enquiry via my contact form or give me a call on 07875 485588.

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