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Q. What areas do you cover?

A. I live in West Sussex and so photograph weddings in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey and the surrounding areas. I have travelled as far as Scotland though so enquiries from all areas are always welcome!

Q. Do you offer albums?

A. In order to keep the costs down for you I have chosen not to offer albums, however I will provide you with high resolution images on a USB that you can use to create your own album or prints. There are plenty of places online where you can easily have an album made for you.

Q. Do you take group shots?

A. I do arrange and take group shots and would recommend that you limit the number of groupings to about six. The reason being is that it can take around 3-5 mins to arrange each shot so as you can see the time quickly adds up. Guests can get a little frustrated if the group shots take too long so my recommendation is that you keep it sweet and quick!

Q. Do you take couple shots?

A. Yes I do. I keep this part of the day/evening natural although I will provide a few simple directions from time to time to ensure that you get the best photos possible. I will take you away from your party to the best location for these photos so we have the best light and background. This part of the day should take around 20 minutes and is a time for you both to take stock and have some together time. 

Q. Do we need to provide food for you?

A. You don't 'need' to, however it would be welcome if offered. I would not expect to be seated with your guests though as I continue to have prep work to carry out.

Q. How long do you stay?

A. For the part-day package up to 4 hours and for the full-day package 10-15 hours as agreed. The number of hours will affect the overall cost of the photography. I will however always arrive early and often stay a little bit beyond the agreed finish time. 

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance in place.

Q. How soon will I get my photos?

A. I do my best to provide them within 2 weeks however during busy periods it may take a bit longer.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions explain your rights and responsibilities and also those of Steve Cowtan Photography. "You" means the couple named as Bride and Groom on the booking form and "SCP" means Steve Cowtan Photography. "Wedding" shall also refer to a civil partnership ceremony.

  1. Service Agreement
    SCP agrees to supply wedding photography services to you in accordance with the package and options indicated on the booking form.

  2. Payment Schedule
    The deposit is payable by you at the time of booking. This will be set against the total fees payable by you. The balance of the package fee must be paid no less than 30 day prior to the date of the wedding. If the balance is not paid by that date, SCP reserves the right to treat the contract as being cancelled by you, in which case the  deposit will not be refunded and no further services will be performed.

  3. Exclusive Photographers
    SCP is appointed by you as the exclusive professional photographer for the wedding. Amateur photography by guests is permitted but you are responsible for ensuring that this does not interfere or conflict with the services SCP has agreed to provide.

  4. Coverage
    While SCP will make every reasonable effort to take requested photography, you understand that a wedding is an uncontrolled event and SCP cannot guarantee that any particular requested photograph will be taken. SCP will not be held responsible for lack of coverage due to varieties of the weather, available light, scheduling changes or delays, punctuality of the wedding party and the cooperation or availability of any subjects including guests when called upon. Photographs will be taken against the available backgrounds. Please note that SCP  cannot be expected to move objects or perform other cosmetic duties on location.

  5. Final Images
    SCP reserves the right to edit the original images and be the final authority on the choice of images that are delivered to you as the final set. SCP will make your images available to you as soon as is reasonably practical after the wedding but cannot guarantee precise timings. SCP recommends you backup your USB immediately. SCP will keep a copy for 12 months from the date of your wedding. You may order a copy during this time for a small fee.

  6. Image File Ownership
    All digital media relating to images taken at the event remain the property of SCP.

  7.  Copyright
    The copyright of all images created at the event, whether stored digitally or otherwise, remains the property of SCP.

  8.  Usage Rights
    You are obtaining photographs for personal use only and shall not sell copies for commercial use. You are granted unlimited reproduction rights of all final images except for commercial use.

  9. Distribution Rights
    You are granted the right to distribute the final images except for commercial use. The final images must not be adapted or modified in any way.
    SCP reserves the right to be identified as the creators of all final images and requires that attribution be included with all public distribution.

  10. Model Release
    You grant SCP permission to use the images for display, advertising, portfolio, professional competition and review, or any self-promotion including wedding fairs and the SCP website.

  11. Cancellation
    You may cancel the contract at any time by notice in writing. The deposit is not refundable.
    If the date of the wedding is postponed, SCP may at their sole discretion agree not to treat the contract as being cancelled but to provide the services on the new date and transfer all payments made to the fees for that day.
    In the unlikely event that the Steve Cowtan is unable to attend for reasons beyond their control, such as death, injury or illness, every attempt will be made to arrange a suitable replacement. If this is not possible or you choose not to accept the offered alternative, then the contract will be considered cancelled and all payments made will be returned to you.
    SCP takes the utmost care with respect to the transportation, storage and back up of images. However, in the unlikely event that photographs are lost, stolen, or destroyed for reasons within or beyond SCP's control, the contract will be considered cancelled and all payments made will be returned to you.

  12. Limit of Liability
    SCP will exercise the reasonable skill, care and judgement that you would expect of professional photographers but shall not be liable for events beyond their reasonable control nor for loss, which is indirect or consequential. Under no circumstances will SCP’s liability to you, whether for breach of contract, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise exceed the total amount that you have paid under this contract. If you wish to have additional cover you should consider taking out a wedding insurance policy.
    You agree to be responsible for any injury, loss or damage caused by your guests to the people or equipment provided by SCP.

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