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Time to get off auto mode!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Christmas has passed and the New Year approaches. Perhaps you got a new camera for Christmas or maybe you've been thinking of digging out your old DSLR (a camera with lots of buttons and interchangeable lenses) and having another go at understanding it?

Us photographers understand that getting off auto mode and onto manual mode can be scary, but when you do you won't go back. This is because in manual mode you have control over creativity and can start producing the photos you want...the world is your oyster.

I can teach you the three basic settings of manual mode in less than an hour and from there you won't want go back to auto mode, you'll be confidently off and running.

So don't delay, get off auto today and if I can help then please get in touch!

Haywards Heath Photography Courses
Manual camera settings

If you'd like to book some training with me please do so here.

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