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Sussex Wedding Photographer

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Are you engaged to be married? Do you live in the Sussex area? Are you looking for a local wedding photographer?

Sussex wedding photographer

Three things to consider when deciding on your wedding photographer.

  1. The first thing to think about is what kind of photographer you want? Do you want a photographer who will inject fun into your day, gee up your guests and have them perform for the camera or are you wanting a photographer who will be more discrete and fade into the background? The latter is myself and suits my personality, I like to go about my work unnoticed so I can capture events naturally.

  2. The next thing to consider is that your photographer will most likely be with you for the majority of your day so you'll want to get on with them. Therefore it's best to meet up with them before you book to make sure that you either have some rapport with them or simply feel at ease. Your photos will look better when you're feeling relaxed!

  3. Another thing to ponder is style of photography. Do you want natural coverage of the day as it unfolds or perhaps you'd like very formal or posed photos, maybe you'd like stylised Pinterest or magazine type images? You might like a mixture of all three! When you know what you want visit your photographer's gallery and check out what style of photos they are taking and whether this is what you are looking for.

And finally, price! Don't choose based on price. Choose based on the quality of the images you can see on the photographers gallery, their experience as a wedding photographer and then the above three points.

I've been photographing weddings since 2015, my style is relaxed and informal with a hint of styling. Wonder over to my gallery and if you like what you see then I'd be pleased to hear from you!

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